In July, animal crossing got a big update - swimming and diving. Put on a diving suit and familiarize yourself with your island Marine life. Swim in the island's enticing waters and dive to discover and capture the Marine life that inhabits the island's ecosystem.

When you swim in the ocean, just dive to the bottom. Explore patiently for a while, and you'll see cylindrical bubbles rising to the surface. These bubbles are Marine life. You can chase the shadows of the deep until you catch something. Normally, you'll find one of the 40 new Marine species in the summer update, but if you're super lucky, you might find a pearl.

The 40 sea creatures can be donated to Blathers' extensive collection, but as shells can't, so can scallops with pearls. Yes, you won't find pearls in the ocean, you'll have to take scallops and swap them with a game character.

PASCAL is a tourist who shows up when you dive and find scallops, but he's not the 11th generation. He only shows up once a day. Every appearance is swimming in the sea. He would offer scallops in exchange. Most of the time, you will get a mermaid DIY recipe or mermaid costume, but sometimes he will give you a pearl. The proportions of his recipe and dress for giving pearls instead of mermaids are still unclear. This is the only officially confirmed way to get pearls in animal crossing: New Horizons. Neither method requires any special tools, but you need to buy a diving suit to start swimming and diving, because the only place you can find pearls is the ocean. If these items are not available, you can Buy ACNH Items at our website www.acbellsbuy.com. There is now a discount, with 10% off for the code "bells".

If you want more pearls, adjust the system clock on your Nintendo switch to force-skip days. If you decide to time travel, the only possible way to get more pearls is to grind the sea creatures until you get your daily Pascals.

Time or date doesn't seem to affect the possibility of PASCAL giving you pearls, so it's just a case of exhausting countless PASCAL encounters in a sitting hope of getting pearls. But your turnips will not survive the skip time, so proceed at your own risk.

If you don't want to lose your turnips, buy these pearls safely and quickly at ACBellsBuy is a good choice. We will enter your island as a visitor through the DODO code, and then drop the ACNH Bells and ACNH Items  you bought.
You get to rewatch the same cutscene in the previous 7 Maddens. That is what I like to call CONSISTENCY. I DONT. I want triumph the Super Bowl? And see 1 player tackle the other player in bash and then I wanna find the coach and QB take turns holding up the Lombardi Trophy on platform the same precise way, and I would like to see the same confetti fall from the sky. Then I need the sudden end. It is the Mut 21 coins greatest benefit. I dont feel dumb whenever I buy Madden and see the exact same precise cutscene each moment. I feel n that is smart that is big happy.

Me not only dumb consumer, and EA know this. EA care about creating match, it obvious. No other studio does this because they're dumb and want to"innovate" and provide the customer"something exciting and new" in exchange for their hard earned cash. Only dumb idiot losers have ethics. I hope other studios be aware of this and implement precisely the consistency in their Madden NFL.

What about the simple fact that none of those players on the sidelines to team are players on the group? I saw stick skinny white player with the number 96 on his jersey (no name), but the guy who had that amount was actually a 300lb black guy with dreads. EA is lazy. Your sideline gamers are guys with massive guts or skinny guys who are so sparse that wind could blow them over. And all of them do synchronized reactions. This would be acceptable in Madden 08 but it's just pathetic in Madden 21 to possess this.

This is honestly the reason I'm done with madden. I loved it when I was my sim league, but there were lots of elite gamers and that I was sick of grinding 9-7 like I'm the Dolphins. The lead around Madden NFL 21 felt like any other match, and the super bowl celebration was embarrassingly crap. What is the purpose? Also who the hell is Charles Gaudin? Had never heard of the man and have not seen him call a game. Really adds to the"fake" feeling of madden.

As well they should be. EA Sports has made a monopoly on the market. And cheap Mut 21 coins they sell the same product. They discount instead and what the community needs sell us things such as DJ Khaled. It is a game recycled by taking out features and placing new ones. Since they own a monopoly on the marketplace which is just been extended another five to six 23, EA Sports could be lazy. A playoff picture is not even in franchise. Fans of Madden NFL 21 end of soccer gaming should continue to talk up since this is how it went our voice will get hurt.
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At the start of Tuesdays Wall Street trading session, stocks cautiously rose and were given a boost by positive Covid-19 related news. Pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and BioNTech received a “fast track” status from the Food and Drug Administration for two coronavirus vaccine candidates. The FDA approval expedites the regulatory review process before it is finally approved.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  Despite this development, S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices closed 0.94 and 2.13 percent lower, respectively, while the Dow Jones narrowly rose a meager 0.04 percent. The benchmark S&P 500 index retreated shortly after it retested a critical inflection point at 3226.00. After it failure to puncture resistance, it quickly retreated as losses were accelerated after California Governor Gavin Newsome ordered a shutdown of all bars and indoor dining.
Crude oil fell along with a myriad of other soft commodities. The New Zealand Dollar was the session‘s biggest FX loser right next to the British Pound. The Euro was the session’s champion and rose from what appears to be optimism about the friction-less implementation of a EUR750b aid package. EU leaders will be digitally convening to discuss it later in the week.
  Tuesdays Asia-Pacific Trading Session
  A relatively sparse data docket places the focus for traders on macro-fundamental themes like the coronavirus and Asian-based geopolitical risks. Beijing and Washington have each sanctioned lawmakers from each respective country in response to tension over the formers passage of a sweeping national security bill in Hong Kong. Renewed US-China trade tensions also dampened risk appetite.
  Combined with a pessimistic ending to Wall Street trade, Asia-Pacific stock markets may be in for a rough start. Commodity-linked currencies like the Australian and New Zealand Dollars along with emerging market FX are at risk while a premium may be put on the anti-risk Japanese Yen and haven-linked US Dollar. Brent may fall and could drag petroleum-linked currencies like the Canadian Dollar and Norwegian Krone with it.
  Copper Price Outlook
  Copper prices may soon retreat to the uptrend that carried it over 45 percent after bottoming out in mid-March. While the common metal did break above multi-month resistance at 2.8745, the character of the last wick especially within the context of breaking above a key barrier is alarming. The long wick and short-bodied nature of the candle suggests there was a desire to climb higher but that confidence was ultimately lacking.
  In fact, the candlestick the commodity left behind on Monday closely resembles a Shooting Star. This is typically a sign of indecision which can at times precede a turn lower after an uptrend.
  Copper price chart created using TradingView
  A broader pullback may then ensue and push copper prices below recently-broken resistance-turned-support and towards the March uptrend. Due to coppers wide application in a number of cycle-sensitive industries like construction and manufacturing, it is frequently seen as a barometer for the growth outlook. Consequently, a retreat could speak to an even more severe underlying weakness in demand.
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Knowing the leading indicators and lagging indicators to understand the economic trend in second

A lagging indicator gives a signal after the trend has started and basically informs you “Hey buddy, pay attention, the trend has started and you‘re missing the boat.” Lagging indicators work well when prices move in relatively long trends. They don’t warn you of any upcoming changes in prices though, they simply tell you what prices are doing (rising or falling) so that you can trade accordingly. You‘re probably thinking, “Ooooh, I’m going to get rich with leading indicators!” since you would be able to profit from a new trend right at the start.You would “catch” the entire trend every single time IF the leading indicator was correct every single time. But it won‘t be. When you use leading indicators, you will experience a lot of fakeouts. Leading indicators are notorious for giving bogus signals which could “mislead” you. Get it? Leading indicators that “mislead” you? Haha. Man, we’re so funny we even crack ourselves up. The other option is to use lagging indicators, which aren‘t as prone to bogus signals. Lagging indicators only give signals after the price change is clearly forming a trend. The downside is that you’d be a little late in entering a position.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  Often the biggest gains of a trend occur in the first few bars, so by using a lagging indicator you could potentially miss out on much of the profit. And that sucks.
  It‘s kinda like wearing bell-bottoms in the 1980s and thinking you’re so cool and hip with fashion…

It‘s kinda like discovering Facebook for the first time when all your friends are already on TikTok… It’s kinda like getting excited buying a new flip phone that now takes photos when the iPhone 11 Pro came out… Lagging indicators have you buy and sell late. But in exchange for missing any early opportunities, they greatly reduce your risk by keeping you on the right side of the market. For the purpose of this lesson, lets broadly categorize all of our technical indicators into one of two categories:
  00001. Leading indicators or oscillators
  00002. Lagging or trend-following indicators
  While the two can be supportive of each other, they‘re more likely to conflict with each other. Lagging indicators don’t work well in sideways markets. Do you know what does though? Leading indicators! Yup, leading indicators perform best in sideways, “ranging” markets. The general approach is that you should use lagging indicators during trending markets and leading indicators during sideways markets. Were not saying that one or the other should be used exclusively, but you must understand the potential pitfalls of each.

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GBP/USD Upside Clouded! How To Trade Today’s Data?

GBP/USD has lost its chance to confirm a further increase in the short term, yesterdays false breakout has signaled that the Pound could lose control again versus the USD. The dollar is struggling to strike back, the USDX has registered another false breakdown below the 96.43 static support, but a rebound is far from being confirmed.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  GBP/USD has changed little today, maybe the traders are waiting for the UKs data to bring life on this pair. The GDP is expected to increase by 5.5% after the 20.4% drop in the former reading period.
  Industrial Production could increase by 6.2% in May, versus a 20.3% decrease in April, the Manufacturing Production is expected to come back in the positive territory as well, the economic indicator could register a 7.5% growth. The Construction Output, Goods Trade Balance, and the Index of Services will be released as well, better than expected figures could boost the Pound, while some poor data could push GBP/USD down in the short term.
  On the other hand, the USD needs strong support to be able to give birth to another leg higher versus its rivals. The US is to release the CPI and the Core CPI later today, only some positive numbers could save the dollar from the downside.

GBP/USD is traded at 1.2553 level after the failure to close and stabilize above the 1.2647 and above the upper median line (uml) of the minor descending pitchfork. Ive said yesterday that the pair could drop again in the short term if it will register only a false breakout above the 1.2647 static resistance.
  Yesterdays candle, bearish candle, has invalidated the breakout, so GBP/USD is under some pressure in the short term as long as it stays below the upper median line (uml). Still, the bias is bullish as long as the pair is traded above the 50% retracement level, above the PP (1.2488) level, and most importantly above the 50% Fibonacci line (ascending dotted line) of the major black ascending pitchfork.
  A further upside movement will be signaled by a valid breakout from the minor descending pitchforks body, above the upper median line (uml), a potential valid breakout above the 1.2647 will bring a long opportunity with the target at the median line (ML) of the major ascending pitchfork.
  On the other hand, a reversal, a larger drop could be confirmed only by a valid breakdown below the 50% Fibonacci line, if the rate will escape from the up-channel between the ML and the 50% line.

GBP/USD has developed a double top pattern on the H4 chart, the new lower low could send the rate down towards the PP (1.2487) level. A significant drop, sharp decrease, could be activated by an upper median line (uml) retest, or by another false breakout above this dynamic resistance.
  If you want to go long, you should wait for a valid breakout above the 1.2647 level or for another bullish signal that will develop when the current drop will be ended. The critical support stands at the 50% Fibonacci line of the major ascending pitchfork.
  The pair will be driven by the UK and the US figures today, so you should keep an eye on the economic calendar. Some great US inflation data will boost the USD, which it could edge higher versus its rivals.

Wall Street stocks ended on an upbeat note with the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices closing 2.13, 1.34 and 0.94 percent higher, respectively. In the S&P, energy was the best-performing sector, specifically the Oil & Gas Equipment & Services sub-component. Not entirely by coincidence, Brent was up 0.80 percent for the day along with the petroleum-linked Norwegian Krone and Swedish Krona.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website. 
  Foreign exchange markets were somewhat of a mixed bag with the Canadian, New Zealand and Hong Kong Dollar as the session‘s biggest losers. The US Dollar, Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc were mixed while the Euro was mostly in the green. The latter’s strength appears to be in anticipation of hopeful news ahead of the ECB rate decision and key EU summit later this week. 
  Read more about how Euro traders are betting on the smooth passage of a EUR750b aid package here. 
  Risk appetite was buoyed after investment bank giant JPMorgan reported record-breaking trading revenue despite worst recession since 1930‘s. This put the haven-linked US Dollar on the defensive and further amplified EUR/USD’s gains. The spread of credit default swaps on sub-investment grade corporate debt slightly narrowed, further underscoring what appeared to be a buoyant session. 
After markets closed, US President Donald Trump gave a press briefing on Chinese-related policies. He said the US is ending its preferential treatment for Hong Kong and will no longer export sensitive technologies. He added that if countries want to do business with the US, they cannot work with the Asian tech giant Huawei. Other comments included holding China accountable for the virus and “unleashing” it upon the world. 

  Wednesdays Asia-Pacific Trading Session 
  Market sentiment appears to be aggressively risk-on despite the Presidents comments and the possibility of retaliation by Beijing. Crude oil and a slew of other growth-oriented assets like copper, AUD, NZD and emerging-market FX may initially rally at the expense of the US Dollar and Japanese Yen. 
  JPY will later be thrown into the spotlight ahead of the Bank of Japan rate decision. Markets are not anticipating for officials to change the benchmark interest rate at -0.1%. However, gloomy commentary in the central banks Quarterly Outlook Report could put a premium on the Yen and a discount on risk-oriented assets like AUD and NZD. 
  NZD/JPY Analysis 
  NZD/JPY is trading on the cusp of a narrow but critical inflection range between 69.897 and 70.000 that has been in play since November 2019. If the pair bounces, its gains may be capped at 71.249 where the pair just back in late May had flirted with extending its over 11-percent rally that same month. This could subsequently lead to a congestive interim and reinforce underlying uncertainty in NZD/JPYs trajectory.
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China Trade Data & US CPI| KOL Analysis•Fanny Arianti Arief

The euro rose sharply against the dollar yesterday failed important events in the euro area this week. The euro will discuss the volatility that will be announced at this week's ECB Thursday and the European Union meeting (EU Summit) on Friday. The ECB is expected to keep interest rates, but the market will look at the decision of ECB President Christine Lagarde, who can provide guidance on policy direction. Meanwhile, the ECB meeting will be overshadowed by the European Union (EU) summit on Friday. A compilation of bloc leaders will debate the recovery plan for the corona virus, which requires support from 27 EU member states, making negotiations difficult. Ahead of Friday's meeting, Germany and Italy have supported plans to recover the corona virus funds asking for € 750 billion. EUR / USD strengthened 0.69% to 1.1369.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  The dollar lost back yesterday as market protection was awaiting corporate reports and retail sales data this week, which will gauge optimism for the US economic outlook. The Dow Jones index rose yesterday after getting PepsiCo Inc. released better than expected. While major US banks will report earnings on Tuesday. The dollar index declined 0.3% to 96.53.

  The price of gold held above $ 1800 for profit after an increase in the number of new corona viruses in the world approved safe-haven demand. The soaring number of Covid-19 cases in the US has raised doubts over the economic opening of the lockdown, as well as the resumption of schools in the fall. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom shut down all activity in the room, including restaurants, bars and screenings after the death toll of 7 corona viruses escaped.

Oil prices disappeared yesterday at a meeting of global oil producers this week amid data showing rising reserves at the US storage center in Cushing, Oklahoma. Global oil producers, also known as OPEC +, asked to meet via the web to discuss production. Saudi Arabia, which is the leader of OPEC, de facto, has pushed its members, reducing production to drive prices, which in April went down below $ 0 to around $ 40 a barrel at the moment. Meanwhile, data showed a surge in reserves in the center of Cushing, Oklahoma. Genscape, Cushing's main indicator as a market reference, reported 1.2 million barrels at the hub during the week ending July 10. While Seevol.com, a source reporting at Cushing, reported an increase of 1.75 million barrels at the hub.
  Asian stocks declined today amid renewed US-China opposition to the economy from the replacement of coronavirus cases. Shares in Tokyo, Sydney and Seoul were monitored falling. While the US S&P 500 Futures Index gained after the index reached its highest level since panic sales occurred in March.


Selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you can make as a family. Wellington College has gained a strong reputation around the world as an educational leader, providing a progressive and exciting academic programme that is supported by strong traditions developed throughout its 161-year history. This continues at Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery, as an Tinajin Bilingual Kindergarten
, where pupils are supported by world-class teachers, state-of-the-art facilities and an environment that promotes a highly individualized education. At Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery, we emphasize the holistic development of each child by knowing their strengths and supporting their individual needs. This understanding informs our experienced staff on how to create environments which nurture a child’s inherently inquisitive minds and sustain their engagement in a secure setting, and that means we provide a wide range of both academic and extra-curricular activities.

In addition to this, Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery offers a wide range of community activities throughout the year, where parents have an opportunity to engage with the school and help make the environment more inclusive and caring for the children.

Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Q1: When can we apply for the 2020-2021 academic year?

The 2020-2021 academic year is already open for application, and the first day of school would be August 26, 2020. We would suggest early application as we do have limited seats in some year levels.

Q2: What are your admissions standards?

Tinajin bilingual kindergarten-Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery can accept applications for children of the right age of both Chinese and expatriate families who would need to undertake school’s placement assessment. We would recommend a personalised appraisal of your status by contacting our admissions team. The team will help evaluate your status and will be able to answer any question you may have about the enrolment process.

Q3: How school placement assessment looks like? 

Prospective parents and pupils will be expected to meet the class teacher for an interview, including an in-class assessment, to ascertain the level of language and motor skills. Language proficiency at this stage is deemed less important than the ability to mix socially with the peer group and to respond positively to the teacher. The assessment informs the Admissions Committee as to whether your child is ready to access the Wellington College curriculum.

Q4: How can we book a campus tour?

Tinajin bilingual kindergarten-Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery reopened on June 2nd 2020. We are able to offer a limited number of onsite tours on one to one basis by appointment and approval as per the current regulations. Please contact our hotline numbers below to book an appointment with our admissions officers.

Q5: Do you offer a bus service? What are the bus routes?

Yes. For the 2020-2021 academic year, Wellington offers 13 school bus routes with over 60 pickup points across the majority of family living areas in Tianjin. Please check with the Admissions office for eligibility.

Q6: What is the relationship between Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery and Wellington College in England? 

Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery and Wellington College in England hold a uniquely close relationship at all levels from governance to pupil and faculty exchanges. This relationship allows for an exchange of ideas and professional learning and ensures that we uphold our Values, Identity and the highest quality of education.

Q7: Does Wellington provide a Mandarin Programme?

Though the language of the tinajin bilingual kindergarten and the curriculum is in English, we recognise the importance of Mandarin to our pupils and their families. In all years, pupils are taught by Mandarin specialist class teachers on a daily basis who can adapt to those taking their first steps in learning Chinese as well as those who may be bilingual or have parents for whom Mandarin is their first language. School also works outside the formal classroom learning, offering a wide variety of Chinese cultural activities as well as organising celebrations of traditional Chinese festivals.

Q8: How much time is devoted to sports weekly?

Sport is an integral part of each pupil’s development, wellbeing and education. As such, our pupils engage in separate Physical Education and Swimming classes weekly. Through our ASA programme, as well as Sports Days and other school sport competitions, our pupils enjoy access to our gymnasium, football pitch, 100-metres all-weather synthetic running track, basketball and Tennis courts, and two swimming pools, including one especially for younger children, and one 25-metre, six-lane competition pool.

Q9: How is Wellington’s bilingual education implanted in Early Years?
We define people who can fluently speak and use two languages as “bilingual”. They must be able to switch freely between the two languages. We call language the carrier of culture, which means learning a language is also learning a culture. Therefore, our children are learning two different cultures, consciously or unconsciously, in the progress of acquisition of these two different languages. The exposure of bilingual education greatly helps children in language acquisition including cognitive and emotional development as they grow. Compared to children with a single language background, researchers have found more active areas in the cerebral cortex of bilingual children. While those who receive bilingual education prove to be more able in thinking outside of the box and empathise with others.

Here at Wellington, we aim to allow children to “walk” freely between these two forms of language and culture. We help them to develop a bilingual person’s mindset to think in various ways and feel comfortable in different cultural environments.
By creating a bilingual environment we develop children’s ‘native sense’ in two languages, and we try our best to let them learn to express themselves in a native speakers’ way.

Q10: What type of community events do you have? 

A strong sense of community forms the foundation for all that we do at Wellington. In addition to school events throughout the year from concerts to sports and our much-coveted annual Musical, Wellington is proud to be an active member of the greater community. Wellington College Tianjin is also a proud host of the Festival of Education, or EdFest, hosted annually at each of the Wellington College China campuses. EdFest provides an opportunity for debates about education and the place it has in a rapidly changing world.  Education’s disciplines and expectations can no longer be taken for granted and are being revisited, revised and renewed. The significance that Chinese culture places on learning means that the city is likely to become pivotal in the reshaping of world education in the 21st century. 

Q11: How to help children prepare forNursery before they go to school? 

Stepping into the Nursery is the children’s “first step” into the real world. This is a milestone in their lives and parents can play a crucial part in a child’s transition from home to school.
Parents are the key to easing separation anxiety. Parents need to feel secure that children will transition into their new environment by sending positive messages and allay any fears they may have about starting school. A few examples that parents can do to prepare their children include: reading books about settling into a new school; arrange for a school tour in advance; meet with the teachers; and do a role-play of the Nursery at home.

Parents can learn about the daily schedule at school with their children and help them prepare their bags, blankets for taking a nap, uniforms, water bottles and so on. Parents can also help their children label their belongings with name tags to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility. Furthermore, parents can bring a blanket or a toy that the children are attached to, to give comfort to them at school.

Most children who are about to go to the tinajin bilingual kindergarten, are ready to leave home and see what the world looks like. This is marked as a “right of passage” for children to become a member of society and requires them to be as independent as they can be. The parents are encouraged to create more opportunities for children to practice their social skills, such as how to express their needs and how to communicate with their friends.

Q12: What are the children in Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery doing right now?? 

Maintaining a positive relationship between teachers and children. Our goal is to develop a positive relationship so that teachers and children trust each other. This helps children’s development in their social and emotional skills. A positive relationship builds a solid foundation which helps children develop good manners, independence, confidence and reading skills.

Learning doesn’t only happen in the classrooms. Teachers hope to enrich children’s learning at home in various ways by explaining new ways to connect children and their parents. We encourage parents to use this opportunity of home learning to explore and try different activities with their children. Cooking, planting, housework and others help children improve their internal motivation as these activities become enjoyable to them.

Our Admissions Team is always available to provide advice and assistance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the official website of Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery.

Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery
Tinajin bilingual kindergarten-Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery officially opened its doors to pupils in September 2017, offering our specialised bilingual programme that delivers the very best of Western and Eastern education with the integration of both the UK Early Years’ Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the Chinese expectations for Early Years’ children. As with all Wellington College schools, the Wellington Values and Identities form the core of the holistic education provided by Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery.


The PVP Honor System went live with Phase 2 of World of Warcraft Classic on November 15, and it could assign ranks and titles based on the players' Contribution Points each week throughout PVP activity, and it will be updated until the next week. The players can obtain the special mounts, armor, weapons and titles through the event. To get more news about <b>WoW Classic Items</b>, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

Shortly after the release of PVP Honor system, players sent a bug report, revealing that the Yesterday and This Week honorable kills are not correctly showing on the honor tab, which caused a lot of interference in the entire game. Soon Blizzard came forward to explain that this was a cache cleanup issue, and proposed plans for subsequent patch fixes.

One of the developers Pazorax first promised the players to make them relaxed, although the honorable kills can't show on the tab, the game record will never be lost, and they will solve its display issue as soon as possible.

"We are also working on a fix to repair the daily statistics which we're hoping to run Monday, in advance of the weekly rank adjustment, so it will correctly count all your kills and honor correctly for this week", from the post of Pazorax.

World of Warcraft Classic is a game released with the theme of nostalgia at the end of August, when it was first released, Blizzard has promised to interpret the entire content of WOW Classic through six phases. Now it has reached Phase 2, and Phase 3 will be completed early in 2020. at the same time, several PVP systems will be released with each phase, it can be seen clearly that the PVP System will become an important content of World of Warcraft Classic.Apart from the simple issue, similar problems rarely occur in WOW Classic, which proves that Blizzard is an excellent development team. With World of Warcraft Classic, players have more space to experience new features and gameplay. Besides, Blizzard has also added a lot of methods to obtain WOW Classic Gold in the game. In a word, Blizzard made the entire game easier than before.

Returning to the topic of WOW Classic Gold, which plays an important role in the game, but if you just make gold by farming is not enough, because your daily needs will increase with the development of the game.

Knowing that you want to buy WOW Classic Gold to relieve stress, you are recommended to find a safe place, because it insists that long-term customers can bring more stable benefits than high price.

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A few months ago, Blizzard announced that it would introduce paid transfers in World of Warcraft Classic to facilitate players who want to go to other servers to find friends, but players have not been able to know when the system will officially take effect. Until recently, some players posted in the community explaining their findings.To get more news about <b>WoW Gold Classic Cheap</b>, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

This morning, Blizzard performed routine maintenance on WoW Classic's servers, but the duration is much longer than the past few times. Some people think that some new things may be added to the game after this maintenance. And some careful players did find the difference, they noticed that the role transfer function has been turned on and can be used for a fee. However, Blizzard did not announce the introduction of this feature in the maintenance instructions.

Previously, many servers in WoW Classic were overpopulated, especially PvP servers, which caused many players to wait in the queue for a long time to enter the game, while some PvE servers were underpopulated. And faction balance is poor. To solve this problem, Blizzard provides free character transfers on some specific servers, and the number is limited. It is convenient for those players who have a bad experience because of long queues or imbalanced factions to continue their adventure to a smaller number of servers.

Simply put, the limited free character transfers provided by Blizzard over the past few months is the only way players can move from one server to another. After the maintenance is completed today, all players can pay for the role transfers operation.

Of course, there are strict restrictions on paid transfers: each role can only use the role transfer function once in 90 days, so you need to ensure that the new server you choose meets your ideal needs; in addition, you can't transfer all WOW Classic Gold in you bag to new servers because the economics of each server are very different. Depending on the level of your character, you can only carry a limited amount of gold. This is mainly to prevent gold merchants from using this feature to disrupt the market. Most importantly, if your character is on a PvE server, you will not be able to transfer to the PvP server.

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