Conqueror of Atlas, Metamorph Challenge Alliance now lives for Path of Exile from Bale's blog

Path of Exile's final expansion in 2019 is coming. The conquerors of Atlas are now online, bringing new challenge alliances, major updates to the world atlas and more.

The Atlas Conqueror tells the story of the player defeating the exile, who are trapped in the world atlas and constantly fighting their inhabitants to accumulate more and more power. Unlike actual PoE endgame players, they are crazy and want to get rid of the power of Atlas and spread their malice throughout Wraeclast, so players must step in and confront them. Beat them in the end to get rewards such as POE Currency

This expansion also adds an additional Metamorph Challenge alliance, where players can incorporate the essence of monsters into Frankenstein-like chimeras and defeat them for special rewards. Grinding Gear Games calls it a "Boss Build Workshop", but we don't think it's very popular with children. To commemorate the founding of the alliance, GGG partnered with streaming media Zizaran to host an event Awakener Kill Challenge Event with a prize of up to $ 30,000 and a series of in-game prizes.

Conquerors of Atlas also offers huge changes in bow and arrow skills, new POE Items impact types and newly awakened auxiliary POE Orbs. Players who want to know more about the expansion or need to buy legal and cheap POE Trade Currency, please visit their official website or IGGM's official website.



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