How to use the poe exalted orb to upgrade Grade 100 from Smughtsnat's blog

Novices are not recommended to graduate directly from the land reclamation.

Generally, the land reclamation number hits a t4 t5 to move bricks, and then graduates from the strong bd of the first echelon.

Playing 3.0 my own land reclamation number is the chieftain's fire sword grandfather totem, in addition to the weapon is the dark gold of the Euro Bastard Sword, the other is looking for the blood-resistant yellow dress, almost never died. When you hit 85 or so, it will be less than 4,000 and 5,000. But the output of t10 is not enough.

In the process of land reclamation, luck is good and a deep potential of +24 is created. A new number is opened. The mob releases the dark blood confinement. This bd has the blue weapon in addition to weapons and deep potential, so the cost is also very low. And this bd can play almost all the affixed pictures, I am afraid I can't steal. The blood volume of this 95th grade 8000 has basically been graduated. To upgrade again, it can only rely on exalted orb.

Later, I heard that the Vale was about to be cut, and I changed the guards' double-blocking. The Siege Axe price was too high. I directly pointed out one of them, and now I have graduated.

No 100,

I feel that the liver level 100 has no meaning. I prefer to find interesting bd games, such as the automatic battering ice bd, the fire sword flashing, the flashing injury release (graphic card terminator), the thousand zombies, and the thousand wisdom. . .

Or try to create a bd to play, some can only play t1 t2, but entertainment bd as long as fun, infinite possibilities is the fun of POE.



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