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Given the volume MaplestoryM Mesos of the reports, there has been a delay in the review procedure. We are trying our best to continue to reduce the gap and speed up the response time to generate a better game and keep a respectful community" If you search"MAGA" at the Meret Market, you will instantly find a vehicle with President Trump's face on it, as well as an image of"NPC Wojak," a reference to the dehumanizing NPC meme.

When some players obviously want to share their political views, others only wish to become sex-related content in there. Searching"hub," for instance, yields clothing items using a riff on the PornHub emblem. Searching for"pride" at the Meret Market yields gay and trans pride themed items, but you will also be able to find a shirt that says"Proud To Be White," with the label"WhitePower."

One player who wished to remain anonymous told Kotaku which they have seen things such as this on the Meret Market because the game's official release on October 10. "It's really overt," they said. "People will advertise in world chat stations to purchase their brand new things, and its frequently a MAGA hat or something. And the players putting these designs up for sale are rewarded with game money." About the MapleStory 2 subreddit, players have shared images of figures sporting Trump masks and MAGA hats as far back as three months past.

This player told Kotaku that they had tried Maplestory M Mesos reporting the items, but nothing had occurred. "The same items are up for sale. You still see them all over," they said. "They have people working on it, but I have seen absolutely no change in anything. Items set up for sale do not have to be approved, so people can put up anything."

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