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Pixel Worlds by developer Kukouri is a Massively Multiplayer Online Sandbox game originally available on Android and iOS devices, and has now been ported to Steam. The idea is for the player to chat, trade, and build worlds to share with other players. There is no doubt going to be the inevitable comparison of Pixel Worlds with the popular Growtopia. Both games are very similar in design, and if you’re a fan of Growtopia then there isn’t much reason for you to jump over to Pixel Worlds. The community of Pixel Worlds seemed to be what you could expect from a game like this. The game doesn’t encourage any kind of teamwork. It doesn’t really encourage anything at all. You can jump into a popular level with a plethora of other players, but there wasn’t a reason to work together. Part of this problem could stem from the overall design of the game. The levels are created by other players. Just like with any game that is dependent on user-generated content, the content is a really big hit-or-miss.

I had very little expectations going into Pixel Worlds. I knew basically nothing about it other than it was something like Minecraft, which I have played and enjoy for some relaxing building, but boy was this nothing like Minecraft! The first faux pas for me was that you had to choose a gender which was fine, but it had a character in blue for male and a character in pink for female. I really thought in this day and age of video gaming that we had started to overcome stereotyping in this fashion, especially when the eyes of young adults/kids firmly set on the development of this world. If you are in lack of Pixel Worlds Platinum Lock, visit our site 5mmo.com, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Moving on from Kukouri’s lack of open mindedness, I find myself on a platform where I had to dig and break some boxes to get gems and seeds. Being a gamer for many years I like to think I have a good working knowledge of how things work, but when faced with the seeds I collected, I didn’t have a clue what I was supposed to do next or if I was supposed to plant them where I stood? Fed up with wondering what the heck was going on, I managed to find a button where you could go to “Different Worlds”. Great I thought, this will probably be interesting now. Again, how wrong I could be.

As stated before, Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox at its heart, is a self-creation game. Much like Minecraft and Growtopia. But also, it includes economic concepts found in other games like Terrarria. Whereby, players can trade in-game items with other players for currency. The best thing about this idea is that the seller determines the deal. And, this limits the chance of scammers. Albeit, these do exist in the game world. Though that may be true, the option to trade with live players keeps the healthy community connected.

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