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In my 15 years of trading the forex markets I have seen many traders enter and then leave the forex marketplace due to being unable to sustain long term profits. Many traders become profitable, but once they become profitable, they get overconfident and careless and often lose their entire account. Statistically, about 90% of forex traders will lose their whole account.To get more news about KOL Analysis, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  In this article I want to highlight my two key pillars, which will ensure long term success. If a trader makes these points as the 2 most important aspects of their trading, losing an account will be an event of the past.
  Risk Management
  Overcoming greed
  When I started trading 15 years ago, my mentor pushed this point into my head, over and above everything else, even before we started trading, risk management was discussed in great detail. This concept has stayed with me since then.
  Firstly, it is important to understand that the market is unpredictable, but the one thing we can control and predict, is how much do we lose if the market goes against us and I guarantee there will be many times this will happen.
  A trader needs to learn how to lose and when you do lose, that the loss is minimal.
  This is a very difficult concept to accept as normal life does not teach us to lose. The only other profession where losing is part of the job, is playing sport, every sports competitor will lose in competition many times.
  Many traders cannot accept losses, therefore fighting the market and letting loss trades run, become an obsession with some traders, at the expense of their account. I have witnessed traders increase their account over a sustained period of time, only to lose their entire account with one bad trade, simply because they were obsessed with winning all the time.
  How do you manage risk in a professional manner?
  Firstly set an amount you are willing to lose per trade, 1% to 2% per trade is very common and follow this rule 100% of the time.
  Always use a stop loss. A stop loss is a predetermined level that the trade will close if the market goes against the trade.
  Set your stop loss at a pre determined pivot point. The stop loss cannot be random, it needs to be at a pivot point, whereas if the market goes beyond that point, it is clearly changing direction, which means ‘get out of that trade and consider trading the other direction.’
  How is stop loss calculated?
  This article was not meant to be an in depth look at trading, but in answering this question quickly and easily, there is phone applications and desktop software that will make the calculations automatically.
This concept sounds very simple but it is one of the most difficult techniques to master. To be able to maximise your profit, otherwise known in trading terms as risk/reward. During this phase of trading the fear aspect of your emotion will take control, fear of losing, I am in profit but will the market reverse and take my profit away. If fear controls the trade, the trader will often close the trade at a small gain, rather than risking a loss.
  The most effective method to counteract fear is to understand candlestick formations and which formation will result in a trade reversal. A good trader will check the close of every candlestick and if there is no indication of a reversal, to have the discipline to allow the profit time to continue.
  If a trader allows his profits to be large and the losses to be small, the need to be right all time will become irrelevant, as the winning trades value will by far outnumber the losing trades value.
  Forex trading is a discipline and needs to be treated that way, it is not gambling. With trading you are always battling with the raw emotions of fear and greed. Scammers always prey on those emotion. Master these two techniques and you will become a Forex master.
We will be discussing a very basic but highly useful resource in today's lesson which can provide valuable information to the trader.To get more news about KOL Analysis, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  Essentially, there are many ways in which you can use a pair's daily trading range information to help you do better trades. Currency graph is the major source of reference for traders in order for them to know or identify the markets conditions other than the economic news. Currency graph is divided into 2 main axes:
  1) X axis: fixed data/information (time)
  2) Y axis: fluctuate data/information (currency price)
  These two combinations will produce a wave presenting the change in currency price is equivalent to the change of time. Currency volatility are usually move in an approximately similar range according to certain seasons.
  This range equivalence graph movement can help us to estimate our potential trade profits or risks based on the entry point within that range movement.
  The range for each currency pair is not identical. Some of the pairs can move less than 50 pips a day while some of them can move over 150 pips in a day.
  Daily Trading Range is defined as the average of graph volatility within a day starting from the market is open until it is closed.
  It is measured from the lowest price to the highest within a day. The way to use DAILY TRADING RANGE is that you can use the TF Daily, click on candlestick one by one, plot it at the lowest price and project it to the highest price on the same candlestick. After that, you will find that the length of the daily candle is almost similar to the pair.
The Daily Trading Range can help us to identify the crucial information with regard to the currency pairs that we are currently analyzing.
  It is helpful for us to trace 3 elements:
  a) Currency volatility.
  b) Maximum value of stop loss.
  c) Maximum value of target profit.
  These three elements are immensely vital in ensuring that a trading point is located in the normal or customary relationship of that currency pair.
  Alright, now we are learning one by one of the three elements mentioned above.
  If you gathered all the currency pairs and arrange it according to the DAILY TRADING RANGE as the diagram prepared by me, you will notice that the movement distance of each currency pair is different. The diagram shown is merely for illustration as the DAILY TRADING RANGE will change according to the seasons.
  For your information, the DAILY TRADING RANGE will change over time. It usually changes once a month. So, if you want to get the DAILY TRADING RANGE for today, you only need to compare the DAILY TRADING RANGE within a month or 2 months.
  Here, you can compare which of the pairs are move faster and which are move slower. If you are targeting for a low-risk trading, choose a pair which its DAILY TRADING RANGE is lower. For the new traders who are just getting started to trade, it is recommended for you to trade currency pair which its DAILY TRADING RANGE is lower to minimize the risk of loss.
  However, if you are targeting for a high-risk trading with a rapid and huge profit potential, you may choose a currency pair which its TRADING RANGE is higher. Logically, higher trading risk is usually will produce higher profit potential.
An investor complained to WikiFX that he was a newbie while he trade with IQ Option. He was attracted by a sponsored advertisement of IQ Option on Instagram. The investor was asked to download an App to submit his bank details in it. On April 4th, 2020, the investor deposited 250USD to his trading account and want to exchange to NZD. After one day, he got two emails from GT BANK, the local bank, and both emails mentioned the investors credit card was deducted 250USD. The investor felt confused about why the deduction was made twice.To get more news about IQ Option, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  The investor saw official email address and 24/7 hotline for customer services support on the website of IQ Option. However, none of investors calls was answered. The investor also sent them an email and received an automatic reply saying that they would reply in 2-3 workdays. But the investor did not get any reply from IQ Option and was charged a total 500USD in his credit card.
According to investigation by WikiFX, the IQ Option was complained many times by investors, even though it was regulated by CYSEC. The problems investors face at IQ Option also include unable to log in and losses or negative balance due to inability to top up trading account. After verification, the IQ Options customer support was unavailable as well. All in all, WikiFX suggests all investors to choose brokers who can provide free practice account and stay away from brokers that provide no other contact information other than email address.
  Per checking WikiFX App, IQ Option has a poor rating of 1.82, bearing great risks. The broker is currently active on large social networks such as Telegram and Facebook, please stay away!
WikiFX App is a third-party inquiry platform for forex broker profiles.WikiFX has collected profiles of over 17,000 forex brokers and 30 regulators and helped victims recovered over 300,000,000USD of defrauded funds.
  Possessed by Wiki Co., LIMITED that was established in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, WikiFX mainly provides basic information inquiry, regulatory license inquiry, credit evaluation for the listed brokers, platform identification and other services. At the same time, WikiFX has set up affiliated branches and offices across the world in Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cyprus, serving global users in more than 14 different languages by offering them comprehensive services and products backed by cutting-edge technologies. WikiFXs social media accounts are as below:
In order to help more investors, WikiFX has launched the “WikiFX Forum” forum, which aims to provide urgently needed and professional services to Nigerian forex investors.
  The exposure function of “WikiFX Forum” includes the following features:
  1: Allow investors who have been defrauded by illegal broker to complain directly in the forum (as shown in the screenshots)
  As long as there is sufficient evidence, a review panel and an executive team will contact the broker to discuss the complaint or expose it directly through the media. Here are the exposure channels:
  2: Block low score brokers from entering the forum
  3: Monitor suspicious communication in real time, and directly spot and deal with suspicious fraud;
  4: Allow investors to communicate with highly reliable brokers selected by WikiFX in the secure environment of WikiFX Forum.
WikiFX is grateful to all the users for the support and tolerance amid the release of WikiFXs new function- WikiFX Forum!To get more news about Event For Nigeria, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  In order to better serve users and provide rich forex information for them, we will hold series of activities to collect more valuable suggestions on WikiFX App.
  Suggestions include only users experience and opinion on WikiFX App, as well as the existing problems of the App, such as BUG etc.. And we will consider and evaluate seriously all the App-related issues.
  3. Period:
  April 17th, 2020 08: 00: 00 ~ April 23th, 2020 23:59:59 (West Africa Time , UTC +1)
  4. How to participate:
  a. Search WikiFX on Google Play or App Store, or download WikiFX Appthrough the following link:
  Leave a comment below the post that includes“your experience and opinion on WikiFX APP, as well as the existing problems of the App, such as BUG etc.. ” + “your valid email address” and you will be eligible for this prize activity. And If your comment does not meet the above requirements, it will be regarded as invalid one.
  b. If you don't feel like commenting or want to get bonus gifts, you can also share the event to your social media homepage and send WikiFX a screenshot to participate in this prize-giving activity! Please note that you need to keep the shared content on your social media page until activity ends; if you remove the post during activity, you'll no longer be eligible for participation.
6. Rules to Win
  After the activity, we will select 1 “best suggestion” winner, 7 “good suggestion” winners and 5 “sharing” winners at random from the list of qualified participants. And one ID has several chances to win the prizes above amid the activity.
  7. Winner notification & prize collection
  The list of winners will be released at 10:00:00 (West Africa Time , UTC +1) on April 24th, 2020 on:
  WikiFX “Wiki Forum”;
  WikiFX Facebook Fan Page (https://www.facebook.com/WikiFX.ng/)
  WikiFX staff will contact the winners about prize collection from the announcement date to April 30th, 2020 and send the redemption code of WikiFX VIP to them by email.
  8. Special reminders
  a.This activity is limited to Nigerian users only.
  b. If the prize winner is unwilling or unable to provide relevant information, cannot be reached due to the changes in personal information, or cannot complete the prize collection procedures for any other reasons due to the winner's own responsibility, this will be deemed as relinquishment to the benefit of the prize, which the winner should not object.
  c. The prize can only be claimed by the winner and cannot be transferred to others or convert to cash if the winner forfeits the prize.
  d. The winner should guarantee that all the information filled or submitted is true, correct and belongs to the winner himself/herself rather than any third party. Submission of inauthentic information will lead to disqualification of the participant or canceling of the winner's eligibility. Under such circumstances, the organizer shall not be liable for unable to notify the winner, and the participant shall bear all relevant legal responsibilities for any consequent damage to the organizer or any other third party.
  e. If the participant is found, by the organizer or any other third party who report such irregularity to the organizer, to deliberately disrupt and affect others participating in the event through malicious computer program or other methods that clearly breaches the fairness of the event, or engage in any illegal practice, the organizer may immediately cancel participant's eligibility for the event. Other matters unspecified in this document should be handled in accordance with relevant regulations of the organizer, and the organizer reserves the right to make necessary supplement or amendment at any time. The organizer reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the event or relevant activities of the event.
  f. If due to computer, network, telephone and technology malfunction, or any other reason non-responsible of the event organizer, the prize sent to the winner is delayed, lost, incorrect, unrecognizable or damaged, the event organizer accept no responsibility, and the participant is not entitled to mak ing any objection or complaints.
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  i. The winner agrees that the organizer can collect, process and use his/her personal data within the scope of this activity.
WikiFX recently received an investor‘s complaint against forex broker EONLINE for he could not withdraw his money and log in his trading account. The investor mentioned that he was introduced by his friends to the broker EONLINE. An agent told the investor that he can get 50% profits after 5 days. Therefore, the investor opened an account and invested 60,000 naira on EONLINE. Like many similar fraud cases, when he submitted a withdrawal application, he found that he could not even log in his trading account. Therefore, he reported the situation to EONLINE by email, but didn’t receive any reply. Finally, the investor tried to contact the broker by the message function on their website, he found, however, it didnt work.To get more news about EONLINE, you can visit wikifx news official website.
Without valid regulatory status, illegal forex broker EONLINE released false advertisement on its website. WikiFX warns investors that high-yield and high-return investments offered by brokers are generally their scam tricks, which exists a lot of risks. Please carefully check every details from official website of brokers and pay attention to whether they have practical customer service or not.
  Per checking the WikiFX App, EONLINE has a poor rating of 0.99, and the broker currently has no valid regulatory status, bearing great risks. Please do not invest on EONLINE, otherwise, losses will never stop. The broker is currently active on large social network such as Telegram and Facebook, please stay away from it!
The article evidence exposed by WikiFX is verified by the following processes:
  1: Evidence Collection: (Chatting history records, Trading history records, Banking Transaction records and recording videos from victim).
  2: These evidences will be evaluated and verified by expert who has been work in forex industry for many years.
  3: The editor will review it again before the article is published.
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Terri Lynn always searches for a promo code before completing any online purchase. “It’s part of my DNA. I’m not obsessed, it’s just something I do as part of my shopping routine,” says the media relations consultant in Naples, Florida. Lynn is such a fan of codes that if she sees something she likes in a department store, she’ll make a note of it, go home to her computer and search for a coupon code. “In the course of a year, I’ve saved thousands, and that’s not shopping excessively.”

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Determine whether a retailer uses codes. Says Lynn, “When I go to check out, if it shows a box asking for a promo code, 99% of the time that means there’s a coupon out there. I’m going to find it.”Understand why codes don’t work. RetailMeNot’s Sara Skirboll says it all comes down to the fine print. A code may have expired, may not be applicable to specific brands, may not be transferrable or may only be able to be used once. It’s also possible your purchase didn’t fulfill the requirements of the code, such as spending a certain amount. Consider the source: Did the code come directly from the business or did a friend of a friend pass it along? Most people who share codes aren’t being malicious; they just don’t realize that they received a unique promo code.

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Forter, an e-commerce fraud prevention company, is out with its latest annual Fraud Attack Index, which alerts retailers to “shifting behaviors” among fraudsters that could be costing them money.

While paper coupons have long been susceptible to fraud, such as copying, theft and misuse, Forter’s report focuses on online shopping – showing that even paperless coupons are far from fraud-proof.

Forter examined its database of more than $140 billion in e-commerce transactions to come up with its conclusions. It found that “fraudsters are ramping up the level of sophistication of their attacks,” with the total dollar amount of fraud increasing by 12% over this time last year.

Online coupon abuse, specifically, increased 10% this year, Forter found. The increase “points to ongoing oversharing of coupon codes by users” against merchants “who still do not focus enough on fraud prevention efforts in this area,” the report reads. With the proliferation of online coupon code sites, couponing message boards and social media, coupon codes that are intended to be personalized and single-use are often shared online for anyone to use. Forter singles out shoppers who “abuse refer-a-friend scenarios and proliferate the coupon codes widely,” and who clog retailers’ databases with “one-time use email addresses” that they create just to get access to a coupon.

Some coupon users might take offense at Forter considering their activities “fraud” when they might consider it to be “savvy shopping.” There’s a fine line between the two, however, that can be obliterated by people who consider themselves “savvy shoppers,” but are clearly gaming the system.Consider two recent fraud cases involving Kohl’s. Earlier this year, a Wisconsin man and his wife were charged with stealing nearly $100,000 worth of Kohl’s Cash coupons from customers, and using them for big discounts on online purchases, which they then allegedly resold online. Investigators say the two had set up a computer script, which used “a database of email addresses and passwords, possibly stolen from another source such as a business or email provider, and was bombarding Kohl’s website with these credentials to steal any Kohl’s Cash from accounts that had the same username and password for their Kohl’s account that was in the larger database.”

Several years earlier, a New Jersey couple was convicted of using custom-made software to generate their very own working Kohl’s Cash codes and PINs, randomly trying countless different combinations until they hit upon some that worked. They then used more than 7,000 coupon codes to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

Scenarios like that are clearly fraudulent and not mere “savvy shopping.” But Forter’s report doesn’t draw a distinction between large-scale hacking and what might actually be more innocent coupon sharing. These days, online shoppers have come to expect that there are coupons available for online purchases – that little box that shows up before you pay, inviting you to “enter coupon code,” is a signal that there are coupons out there, somewhere, and it’s just a matter of finding one. And you’re sure to come across a fellow shopper who’s happy to share a discount they’ve found – perhaps without realizing that the retailer might consider their activity to be “fraud.”

Over the summer, the skin care company California Baby offered members of its referral program a coupon code for $75 off a $75 purchase. But the coupon code wasn’t unique and wasn’t single-use. So, innocently or otherwise, at least one coupon recipient decided to share their good fortune with someone else – and the coupon code rapidly went viral. Something similar happened a few months earlier, when the beauty retailer Sephora offered a coupon code for $88 off a $100 purchase as a prize in a contest, but chose to make the code the simplistic and obvious “88OFF,” which was quickly shared online.

So is using a legitimate coupon code issued by a retailer “fraud”? It’s clearly taking advantage of a retailer’s error, though many who used the California Baby and Sephora coupons arguably had no idea that they were never meant to be distributed widely.

California Baby ended up cancelling every online order placed over a four-day period, chiding customers for placing “invalid orders using a single use code.” “We did not know the private code was being distributed illegitimately,” the company’s founder said. Similarly, Sephora cancelled orders, claiming that the $88 off $100 coupon was “not a valid promotion and is therefore not being honored.”

Some may blame these situations on greedy couponers taking advantage of an error. Others might blame careless retailers who don’t own up to their own mistakes. Either way, Forter says it can help. The company ends its report on online fraud with a sales pitch, saying its systems can detect coupon misuse in real time. “Customers are savvy,” Forter says. “But when customers continuously abuse promotions, your business suffers a direct financial loss.”Want to get the highest quality products with the lowest prices while shopping? Buy Now
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